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The house that adapts to your life!
Maximum living comfort
modest dimensions

The joy of living in a MAXLIVING house is, we feel, unique. The amount of light that gets in, all that glass to gaze through, the spacious feeling... And the well thought- out layout ensures that every inch of your house is put to good use.
Maximum flexibility, the house that evolves with you as your housing needs change

There are five base models at your convenience, ranging from XS to XL. Whether you come alone, with a partner or with your family: there is always a MAXLIVING house that is perfect for your needs. You can easily expand an already built accommodation by adding extra modules, should the need arise. And reducing the size of your house is, of course, an option too.
Well balanced, 
integrated technology

MAXLIVING houses use excellent thermal insulation and smart technology to ensure the highest level of comfort. The roof and walls of a MAXLIVING home are water vapour open, allowing the building to ‘breathe’. This results in a most pleasant indoor climate. Another bonus is that due to the modest size of the house, heating or cooling it takes little energy.
Reducing the amount of waste, prepared for the next generation

We strive for our construction process to fully fit in with the circular economy. The MAXLIVING modules are detachable, which means they can be reused. And with a new outer layer, they can be used time and again. Also, we offer to buy back leftover modules in order to reuse them in new houses. Circular to the max.
  • Innovative concept of a house

    MAXLIVING, what is it?

    To put it simply: MAXLIVING is a house. Well, our innovative concept of a house. Or to use its official title: a detached modular housing unit. And it offers the highest possible level of home comfort while being very modest in size.

  • That means you are free to choose

    Maximum flexibility

    The MAXLIVING concept provides maximum flexibility. That means you are free to choose the size and the finishing details of your house. You can decide on these things as we’re designing it for you, but also after it has been constructed. You can expand or reduce the size of your house at any time. The smallest type of MAXLIVING, a compact accommodation consisting of two rooms, is easily converted into a single-family house with four rooms. A MAXLIVING building is very comfortable due to perfect thermal insulation and a smart use of technology.

  • Adapts effortlessly to your personal situation

    The ideal detached house

    MAXLIVING is the ideal detached house. It adapts effortlessly to your personal situation, and uses a minimum of living space to offer you a maximum of well- being and comfort. It’s the perfect starter home, single-family house or holiday dwelling. And it can be yours before you know it. As the house consists mainly of prefab elements, the construction on site takes only two days.

  • Start being creative

    Custom Design

    We’ve come up with several standard layouts of the houses, but our wide range of options allows you to come up with your own design and expansions. You could for instance add extra components and expand your house that way. There are also plenty of options regarding the outer layer. How about wood, zinc, or even walls and a roof made from living plants, such as sedum? Furthermore, you can decide for yourself how to use what kind of energy in your MAXLIVING house. Solar panels and a heat pump are just two of the possibilities. You could even team up with other houses and set up a smart grid for electricity and sewage and suchlike. Come talk to us and we’ll tell you about the many options.

Dreams and ideas

You dream about a new way of living. You’ve got some idea of what you would really like, but you probably have lots of unanswered questions as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask them. No strings attached!
Meeting up and getting into details

We’d like you to tell us your dreams, but we also have to know about the practical limitations. We’ll provide you with a preliminary advise, based on your personal situation. We’re happy to help you with the layout of your house and its orientation on the available plot. And we’ll guide you through the process and the procedures.
Building plan

We’ll draw up a building plan for your very own house, taking your wishes into account. We will provide a full overview of the costs, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises and you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Only when the plan is exactly how you want it to be, and it’s within the bud- get, we’ll apply for a building permit.
Building the house

Once the project gets the green light, construction can start. We’ll keep an eye on the whole process so there won’t be any hiccups. Most of the house will be built in the workshop. This all but eliminates any construc- tion errors. After the modules have been prefabricated plus just two days of assembling the building on site, we can hand you the keys to your new home!
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